I've been going to Bumbershoot almost every year since 1992, including this weekend for all three days. This year was very different from past years. Not worse, just different.

It seemed more like a generic music festival than something that is uniquely Seattle. And that's not a bad thing, if you're there to see music.

And now that it's a generic music festival, can we please, please, please get rid of the beer gardens? Not just so I can walk around with a beer in my hand (like you can at every other festival I've been to), but because having these fenced-off areas adjacent to every stage really messes up the flow of the festival.
I say let's return the Seattle Center to the taxpayers of Seattle on Labor Day Weekend, and have a free music festival, like folklife, but contemporary music, based mostly on local bands and staffed by volunteers. Why turn it over to some corporation for profiteering from a public space on a public holiday essentially honoring low wage workers, but shutting them out of the festivities?
I saw some good tunes this weekend - both longtime favs and new stuff I stumbled upon. Thanks to our corporate overlords for fixing the overcrowding problem by charging extortionate prices for admission. Blow it up and start from scratch - local bands, more performance art and reasonable ticket prices.
wait. Silent discos are a real thing? I just saw an episode of Brooklyn nine nine that took place in one of these... I thought it was a joke just made up for the show. But now I learn that they're real?! I feel so old and out of touch.

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