Fred Cole, right, shortly before collapsing Saturday. Cole, 67, is out of the ICU but still under observation.
Fred Cole, right, shortly before collapsing Saturday. Cole, 67, is out of the ICU but still under observation. Kelly O

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Fred Cole of Portland rock institution Dead Moon cut the band's performance at Bumbershoot short Saturday after collapsing onstage due to a heart condition. The 67-year-old singer and guitarist doubled over near the end of the band's set after playing to a crowd of about 200 people. The group had burned through classic songs including "Walking on My Grave," "13 Going on 21," and "Goddamn I Hate The Blues" before Cole could not continue.

"He fully went down on all fours and had to brace himself, then a few stage hands came out and helped him off," said Eric Duffy, who witnessed the event from the crowd.

After Cole was escorted offstage, his wife and bandmate Toody Cole explained to the audience that Fred had undergone open heart surgery last year and had not been feeling well. She thanked the fans then said “now I have to go take care of my man.”

Later that evening, Dead Moon's management released the following statement through the Facebook page of Pierced Arrows (the Coles's other band):

"Hey everyone - so some news from the Dead Moon show at Bumpershoot [sic] today is going to start popping up online. Fred Cole collapsed on stage and had to be taken to the hospital. We just got word from Toody that he has stabilized and is now coherent again. It's some heart complications. Keep him in your thoughts please. I'll update once we know more."

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Just after midnight last night, Toody Cole posted this message to the same site:

"just talked with the hospital & Fred is doing well, so they took him out of intensive care & up to a regular room. Couple more tests before they decide what needs to be done. Thanks for all your love & support"

The Stranger joins everyone in wishing Fred a speedy and total recovery

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