Awesome outside Nordo Culinarium. They dont know just where its at, theyre just like an alley cat.
"Awesome" outside Nordo Culinarium. They don't know just where it's at, they're just like an alley cat. Sean Nelson

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This weekend, the performance-art-concept-whatever-band "Awesome" staged their first shows in nearly five years—a few packed-out evenings at the Café Nordo Culinarium that ended, unintentionally, in an alley. During the final show, "Awesome" and the audience were evacuated from Nordo by the fire department but, as the video above documents, finished the show anyway.

"What I understand happened is that someone tossed a live cigarette into the vent from outside," band member John Osebold wrote in an email. "It caught onto something in the vent and smoldered there for a while. So no fire, but enough worry to call the fire department."

Being the performance wizards that they are, "Awesome" turned the evacuation into an opportunity. If your'e an "Awesome" fan who missed the shows—I know you're out there—Osebold says other "Awesome" performances might be in the works.

And if you're looking for a little more Oseboldian diversion, enjoy his "bridge facts" piece for this year's NEPO 5K Don't Run. Sorry, it's only available on Facebook—click the link, click the upper-left photo, then arrow through the series—though I've included the first few below the jump.

John Osebold

John Osebold

John Osebold

John Osebold

John Osebold

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John Osebold

John Osebold

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