A List of Things Hillary Clinton Still Has Not Apologized For


Fuck you. Red onion pizza at Bill's is the best.
Did she ever apologize for the Iraq vote?
Forgot one.

Not endorsing Warren/Sanders 2016.
Typical liberal bias, afraid to address the REAL questions—the closing of Fallout Records, the razing of Pine street, the fact that Ratt NEVER "tells [us] why" in "Round and Round" even after repeatedly stating they will, and most egregious of all; Brian Bosworth.
There's also the small matter of the various whistleblowers and other insiders that she assassinated, and no one can prove that she didn't.
So when will The Stranger tell us about the first meeting of the Hillary 2016 Circle Jerk Club?
@ 2,

No, it made her defen$e CONtractor buddies even more insanely rich, so she's still proud of her pro-Iraq War vote, along with cosponsoring an amendment to outlaw burning the American flag.
Did she apologize for not having apologized months ago? If not, then that.
@2 & @7: Still ruminating over her vote on Iraq? That's like Republicans still ruminating over Chappaquiddick.
Glad to see the Stranger being a strong and independent progressive voice, rather than simply fellating the Democratic Party.

@11 - Well, she kind of did in this video. More context here.

My God, how do you guys sleep at night? She's not 'W. And there were no apologies from anyone about making a film about the "wished" assignation of George W. Bush, as I recall (oh I know... as long as its "art").
Maybe she needs to apologize for Cienna, Goldy, and Paul leaving.

I wouldn't wish an assignation with George W. Bush on my worst enemy. Cheney, yeah, catching the two of them in flagrante delicto, preferably in a Provincetown Men's room sometime in the summer, sure. But anybody else? I can't think of one.
When does Bernie apologize for not being able to stand up to a couple protesters.

Repubs are going to call him weak from here to the end of time...
Let's see, those darn Kardashians, all the funky Lays potato chip flavors, Tom Brady, Ann Romano.
@17: No apology necessary.
Nor for Romney, McCain, W, W, Dole, HW Bush, HW Bush, Reagan, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Nixon, Goldwater, Nixon, Eisenhower, Eisenhower, Dewey (I'm exaggerating a little) but no American SHOULD EVER feel the need to apologize for their vote. They only apology they should give is for NOT VOTING.
I think you meant "gluten-free."
--Talking about a supposed 'wage gap' while paying her own female staffers 78% of what her male staffers made.
--Saying "Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat."
--Committing domestic violence against Bill during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, scratching his face and throwing objects at him (he appeared in public with scratch marks on his face and may have needed stitches after being struck with a book or lamp).
--Screwing up the Clinton health care reform effort.
--Riding to success on her husband's coattails without ever accomplishing anything of note herself, in fact fumbling every time she got handed the ball (health care, the Iraq War vote).
--Being a shitty, tone-deaf candidate who is constantly rolling out a new, supposedly more-likable persona just as inauthentic as the last one.
--Having her own staff review her emails and delete 31,830 messages after a private review in which she and her staff determined, based on their own criteria, that the emails were personal.
I think there's maybe 3 commentators here that actually read the original post. Oof.