Two Phenomenal Asian American Poets Published in Best American Poetry 2015


Have some decency and let the poetry as an art form die while it still has some dignity left.
I would add to this list Koon Woon and Kevin Minh Allen, as well as the poet who was nominated for the Stranger Genius Award last year. As much as establishments aspire to be inclusive, exclusion almost always happens.
I think the criticism of whatshisname is really unfair.

The poem has to stand on it's own. If Alexie (in this case) couldn't see past his perception of the race and gender of the author when he evaluated, the shame is on firstly and foremostly on him.

I totally support making a conscious, conspicuous effort to include more women and minorities in the publication - there are plenty of structural reasons why minority groups are underrepresented in literature - but when determinations of quality are dependent on race, you can't really make an argument that all authors should not be following Hudson's example.

Anyhow, Hudson is only one of tens thousands of writers using a pen name, and I'm sure many, if not most even, are gender or race flipping.