Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gives Stranger a Ride, Gets Robbed


A fool and his money, watch, ring and phone, etc.
Mmmm...bacon wrapped salmanella
Link to the police report?
Yes, please, a link to the police report. Lord knows SPD can't and won't do a damn thing about property crime, even if you hand them all the evidence. They'll usually tell you not to bother filing it. In this case, however, I'm sure they enjoyed documenting this dumbass. He deserved to be robbed, if only to teach him a valuable lesson.
Looks like the victim listens to 89.5, which is the Nathan Hale HS radio station.

I'm concerned that neither victim or perpetrator appears to be wearing a seatbelt. Does that vehicle have a Passive Laser Restraint System?
This is why no one wants to help anyone. You stand a great chance of just being screwed over for trying to be decent. Best to just mind your own biz, unfortunately.
These posts are just another ray of sunshine before the weekend. Eee!
To the poor person that tried to do a good thing and got robbed, I am terribly sorry and want to apologize on behalf of the @$$holes writing comments that you are at fault for trying to be a good person. Your assistance to the man was incredibly decent and I am so sorry he repaid you with violence. I hope the universe balances out with a positive experience that restores your faith in humanity if you need help in the future.
@9- The universe does not care. If chance balances out this very nice person's life then that is nice, but any sense of purpose is an illusion.

Why do the "I need x dollars for gas" scammers always name a specific number that is not a multiple of 5?
I think this scam should be covered in Driver's Ed since almost everyone gets approached with it once. I'm at like 5x now. I'd like to see it disappear from the repertoire of the grifting.
The 'im out of gasand have No Money, No Credit Card and No one to call' people are scams - always. various forms of this street theater are often seen at the Safeway at 22nd and Madision and there is a longtine classic huckster in that area - a middle aged, neatly dressed lack man carrying an empty gas can - often seen near the arboretum.

I would love to interview them and learn their real story.
Perma-grifters are everywhere. There's a guy on 1st Ave. near Union who has been taking all summer to amass busfare to Portland.
When someone asks me for money for gas I always tell them I don't have any - which is usually true - then ask them whether they have a debit card they can use instead. That usually elicits a sour response, but when you figure at least 90% of these requests are outright scams anyway, I find it sort of amusing that they get upset with me for not falling for their line.

Might be Collectivism Sucks - he's been claiming to be imminently departing this cesspool of liberalism for a couple of years now.
Never give anybody in this town money for anything. Your wallet isn't a public service.
You know, gas pumps dispense fuel by the penny. You don't need $8 before they'll turn on. At least the scammers at train stations can name a ticket price.
Why is the perp wearing lacy garters round his thighs? Are they for tucking dollar bills into, like strippers do?
I offer to take em to a gas station fill up the gas can. Funny, they never accept my offer.