The Morning News: Teachers and School District Reach a Tentative Agreement, School District Hopes to Start School Thursday


That does it. The City of Seattle does ridiculous things and taxpayer expense instead of taking better care of the homeless or even removing tagging and graffiti from our public structures. Painting a crosswalk in unnecessary, for whatever silly community good feelings it may exude, and is rather garish and also distracting for motorists actually.
It may not be beyond the code for the fixture count, but a constantly-full men's restroom is really unpleasant. I bet those buildings were designed for equal numbers of men and women. How could they not be?
@1 SDOT doesn't pay for it, the neighborhood groups do. Amazing what you can discover by clicking on a link.
The CHS blog doing vastly better reporting than the Stranger: Sawant gets the bulk of her campaign donations from outside of the city (in which she's running for city council), and hardly any from the district she's representing:…
@3: I did. But maybe you didn't click the links that lead you to the city's matching fund program. I didn't follow those links either. So yeah, it's a 50% taxpayer involvement, and the city's fund is also also fed with interest from investments - so not so horrendous.
Why would you paint a rainbow flag any place on Capitol Hill? There's nothing gay about that place anymore and hasn't been for years. Very strange indeed.
I've applied to have a white crosswalk installed on Queen Anne.
@1 most homeless aren't from Seattle. Has more to do with anti-LGBTQ parents kicking out kids who then flee to safe Seattle. Fix that instead.
If a standard sidewalk is 4' wide, a 6' wide crosswalk should be sufficient. Too wide is a distraction on the roadway. Plus there should still be some standard, like two six inch wide white lines, fill the middle however.