Asked and Answered: Why Can't We Use Pot Taxes to Pay for Our Education Shortfalls?


So if we Vape, none of it goes to schools.

But if we drive, none of the gas tax goes to schools.

Solution: put a tax on millionaires' capital gains and dividends.

Using tax revenues from so-called "sin taxes" like pot to fuel necessary things like education is one of the dumbest ideas ever.

I'm pro-pot, completely, but linking school funding to pot sales is a bad idea. Taxes from pot should go to things that reduce those taxes... like drug education and drug abuse programs. Then the less people use, the less people pay (in theory).

Using pot taxes to increase school funding creates a weird incentive for teachers (and anyone interested in better education) to support HIGHER pot sales... it's just counterintuitive.

Schools should be funded from a general fund, and should get a healthy portion of that fund. Marijuana revenue and school funding should be kept as separated as possible. The mundanes are already freaked... try not to freak them more.
I wonder if it would help to allocated those funds in ways that punish areas which have banned the sale of pot. It doesn't seem fair that they should receive the benefits, after all.

That being said, I'm sure it screws over the poor and minorities either way, so what #1 and #2 said.
Yeah, $25 million is just chump change, so why even bother giving it to teachers and schools?

Here's an idea: Let teachers in each county elect one teacher to serve on an impromptu state commission of teachers, one from each county - no administrators, no politicians, no union bosses - and let them decide on the best way to spend that $25 million in chump change.