Episode 16 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. (Now available on iTunes.)
Episode 22 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. (Now available on iTunes.)

Remember that Seattle teachers strike we talked about last week? It seems to be nearing an end, with the 5,000 teachers who were walking the picket lines now back in public school classrooms and preparing to vote on a tentative agreement this Sunday. I check back in with teachers union vice president Phyllis Campano about the details of that tentative agreement. (Meanwhile, for the second week in a row a Seattle School District spokesperson declined to come on the show.)

After that, I talk with community organizer Noel Frame about what to do next to fix our statewide education mess. And after that we’ll go from one political mess to another with Stranger political writer Rich Smith, who fills us in on what happened at this week’s Republican debates. Finally, to round it all out, Stranger food writer Angela Garbes tells us what it’s like to eat a sunflower.

Plus songs produced by Steve Fisk, the winner of this year's Stranger Genius Award for music!

Blabbermouth September 18, 2015

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