According to Rand Paul's campaign director, John Yob, what you're seeing in that video is the devastating power of Rich Beeson's right jab. But maybe jab is too strong a word? It sort of looks like Beeson just kind of pushes him in the face.

This little bout recalls an old rhyming game I used to play as a child:

Paul's manager and Rubio's manager were hanging up clothes.
Rubio's manager socked Paul's manager right in the nose.
What color was his blood?


God, the games we play as children are so fucking strange, it's no wonder some of us grow up to be political hacks who throw weak-ass punches in bars.

According to The Hill, the two aides were crushing cups in Horn's Gaslight Bar on Mackinac Island, Michigan for a Republican leadership conference. The barkeep's response to the incident makes me proud to be a Midwesterner by birth:

I've contacted reps from both campaigns about whether or not Yob sustained any injuries from the assault, but they haven't got back to me. No word yet, either, on whether Yob is holed up in a steam room somewhere and plotting his revenge. Judging by his Facebook post concerning the event, the grammatically challenged proclaimer only wants one thing: "I am hereby calling on Marco Rubio to fire Rich Beeson effective immediately."