Civilian Police Commissioners to the Feds: We'll Go Back to Protesting the Police If We're Ignored


Perhaps Christopher Montfort was on to something??? -- .
"Your role is critically important and to the extent that you're feeling like we need to hear that voice and the work that you're doing more effectively and more authentically—that's something we'll be discussing."

Translation: "We dont give a shit what you think. The cops work for us against you, we dont work for you against them. Go fuck yourselves. But thanks for coming out so we can add the fact that we had a discourse on this to our annual report and budget."

The commission has no teeth. And it shouldnt be shocking. The feds work with the SPD (and countless other corrupt, racist, and unnacountable police departments and prosecutors around America). Remember the 'infriltration' of OWS by sex offenders hired by the feds and paid by SPD unformant cash? Who do you think greenlighted that? The SPD arent smart enough. Thats feds 101 material.

Going back to civil rights, before that to anti war protests, before that to prohibition, before that to labor union strikes, and before that to indian treaty squatter violations, the feds side with cops. Strike that: The feds use the cops to achieve oppressive agendas.

No one should be shocked that the wrist approves of what the hand does.