Not only drought again next year, but probably 'serious flooding' during this winter as well,.. melting the remaining glaciers, gouging out more creeks and rivers and trails, and thrashing our city sewer system, while destabilizing landslidey slopes.

You may not know: these sort of weather patterns --warm floody winters, hot parched summers-- were the exact 'climate change' predictions I read about some 15 years ago for our area.

Good article. Useful--for planning purposes.
I laughed when I saw the reference to Forks. We have problems with city wells drying up every year. Even wet years. This year is a bit worse, but there are always worries about the city water supply in September before we get enough rain to replenish the aquifers.

September so far is pretty wet, but it takes a while for the aquifers to catch up from the dry summer. But this is hardly newsworthy.
@3 So the suffering farmers, fishermen, and people losing everything in wild fires in Okanogan county and Lake Chelan and all around the state; he dead fish, wild animals and birds; the starving horses and livestock; and the DEAD and injured firefighters aren't newsworthy and mean nothing, as long as YOU aren't suffering in Forks?
Were you born a psychopath or did greed and a hateful, ugly soul make you one?
*the dead.., not he

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