The Morning News: Shell Decides Not to Drill in the Arctic, and Scientists Discover "Flowing Water" on Mars


Just ONE well and Shell call it quits? That's like throwing out all your batter after just the first pancake failure.
Yes, Putin was on 60 minutes, but his responses about gay rights were "60 minutes overtime" online material. The 60 minutes people didn't even transcribe the full response. Apparently there's some bad actor exaggerators from the outside who want to make it appear that he and Russia persecute homosexuality. Putin sometimes gives homosexuals medals.…
If there's water on Mars that means we can use solar electrolysis or even photo-chemical reactions to generate Hydrogen. Unlimited stored energy for transportation and at night! (And a more realistic way to power colonies than depicted in "The Martian".)

Some interesting fuel cell transit news:

Ballard signs agreement to supply tech for 300 fuel-cell buses in China…

Ballard inks deal to power Chinese commuter trains with fuel cells…


And Ted Haggard sometimes sleeps with homosexuals.
I hope this is the end of the Ducks in Seattle. It's a shame that it took a tragedy of this magnitude for people to recognize how dangerous they really are.
To the fifth person who has succumbed, condolences to the family.
Tough to know what else to say about a succumbation, "At least a lot of people had cameras for the moon thing?"
"1,2,3,4,5, iphone 6 plus?"
We're likely to get even more crashes now on the bridge, at least for a while, thanks ironically to a makeshift memorial that's been put on the suicide fence next to where the accident happened. People are slowing down to look at it, making more accidents likely.
If NASA is really looking for life on Mars, I would ask them to instead focus on sailors fighting in the dance hall. Oh man, look at those cavemen go.

It's the freakiest show.
Last week was a tough week. Good to see some positive news today. I hope the activists in the Stranger will find room to mention Sen. Elizabeth Warren's speech this past Sunday though. The lady gets it.…
Are they going to send the water on Mars to California?
@10, Nope, Musk, Allen, Bezos and the 1%-ers are going to claim all the land and resources on Mars and move there after they've destroyed Earth. I'm not being facetious, some of the above asked our department about the possibility of living on Mars some years back.
Sorry, CA farmers & fisheries.
Actually, sorry to WA farms, fisheries and all the rest of us too, with all the unending wildfires and the almost nonexistent snowpack, low rivers, and depleted groundwater, soon we will be fighting over water for drinking. G'bye cheap hydropower.