Watch the President of Planned Parenthood Hand an Anti-Choice Congressman His Ass


"Well then we will get to the truth of the bottom of that."

Infuriating. We just got to the bottom of it - you're source is biased and your point is null. I don't know how she keeps her cool.
When you look up the slide it has a subtitle Source: Americans United For Life. When you look at the screen shot in the video the source label is mostly obstructed by the bottom banner and the MSNBC symbol but it's still kinda visible. I don't think the congressman looked at his slides very hard...nor did his aids.
Wow what an ass-handing. She suggests he check his source after she finds out where that "chart" came from. I am flabbergasted. Wowie zowie, a slamming for the ages.
A great ass-handing, but the fact is the forced birthers the hot bed of misogyny that is the GOP are immune to shame and factual data.

So expect it to have little impact on anyone who actually needs to be informed.
If you're interested in an accurate graph, look at this.
...Is that really what passes for an ass-handing at The Stranger these days? Tone down the hyperbole, Slog -- you're starting to sound like clickbait.
If abortion is so bad, why do anti-abortion folks keep get caught telling lies?
While I think Ms. Richards is in a very challenging spot trying to be respectful, attempting to rebut specious charges and outright fabrications, all while under the glare of the spotlight, I found her performance to be little more than credible and quite adequate, but it was hardly the stuff of Joseph N. Welch versus Joseph McCarthy.
It's a bullshit chart as well for the fact that the lines should never cross. The value of the "pink" line indicating the number of abortions on the bottom line is always less than the value represented by the purple line indicating the number of breast exams provided.
I can't see the plot very well, but from what I can tell, the "chart" has no axes or values associated with them...just one line pointing up, and one line pointing down to suggest that the linear increase of abortions reflects the linear decrease in breast exams...even if these trends were true (which i'm pretty sure they aren't) they are completely misleading since abortions are only 3% of what they provide, whereas breast exams and other cancer screenings make up about 16% of their other words, on a true plot, these trend lines would come nowhere near intersecting.
To be consistent, the house would have to hold hearings on why fertility clinics dispose of fertilized eggs all the time. See this article in the Washington Post.

This is getting so ridiculous. Now wonder John Boehner sang "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" on his way to his resignation announcement. I'm slowly inching to willing to endure another D for four more years in the White House if it means that by 2020 the GOP will have been run though the washer with Clorox bleach and a Downey softener.
"dip derp dip duh we will get to truth derp of the bottom of dut."
I watched a big chunk of this ridiculous charade. Whenever one of then would be out-facted by her or her lawyers, they would literally just cut her off mid-sentence and go on an unrelated rant until their time ran out. The whole thing was really hard to stomach.
@11 - Wow. We're glad to have your support.

I love how Asshat McDouchebag (R-UT) says in a huff "We got those numbers from your corporate report" before finding out that he didn't...
The pink line represents republican credibility, while the red line represents total tax breaks to the wealthy. There - now it's accurate.
"That's not how a chart works."…
That is a fantastic reversal from smug and condescending to stammering and unsure. That is incredibly satisfying, though the best part might actually be right at the end there.

"We will now recognize M-Mr. Cummings for a generous seven minutes."
"I thought it was eight."

Moron can't even do single-digit math.
@16: ayy lmao
@14 - Thanks, and after a good nights sleep and reading my comment again - I feel the same way.
If they had any actual evidence that PP was selling organs from infants for profit, there would be criminal charges under the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (and if convicted, potentially 5 year prison sentences, so I'm sure PP takes it pretty seriously). They have no such evidence so instead they have to make shit up, which tells you a lot about the merits of their argument. Cynara's link @16 is a must-read.