Morning News: Seattle Police Swiftly Release Video of Two Shootings, Pot Shop Owner Clashes With City


Hey, did you guys hear about Raymond Fryberg being convicted by the feds for buying the guns Jaylen used ? Yes, it does happen.…
[i]Raymond Fryberg was convicted Tuesday of six counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. He was the subject of a 2002 domestic violence protection order that prohibited from having firearms.
The jury rejected Fryberg's claim that he didn't know about the protection order and therefore didn't know he couldn't have guns.[/i]
They released the videos because the suspects lived.

Think if they'd killed a black boy with a pellet gun they'd be so forthcoming?
@1 Thanks for sharing. I believe it should have been more than a possession issue. He was negligent in keeping the gun out of his son's hands and there really should be charges for that. I'm glad they were able to get him on something but 18 months isn't enough, IMO.
The knife video doesn't really show or tell us anything ... can you press them for a description of exactly what happened?
As for the pot business objecting to an inspection, all other businesses are subject to health and safety inspections so I don't understand why they expect to be treated differently. Perhaps, I'm missing some information though.
@2 - they released this video of a fatal shooting the day it happened:
re: WS pot shop... "city officials" is incredibly vague. From the attorney's office? Fire department? Building inspectors? Pete Holmes looking for a dime bag? :P
I'm with @7 here. I own a business in this city and I have "city officials" visit me for inspections all the time. Just a few weeks ago, the fire department did a surprise inspection.

That entire story is entirely too vague. There are claims that it's some sort of government anti-weed shutdown operation, when, in reality, the city inspects all sorts of businesses throughout the city every single day. And, yes, if you want to be a licensed business in the city of Seattle, you have to deal with SFD, the Department of Planning and Development, perhaps the King County Health Department, electrical inspectors, and sometimes much more.