Peeple: An App That Allows Users to Rate Other Humans


Soooo, basically this is just a mobile app version of Yeah, stupid idea that will nevertheless generate several gazillion dollars in VC investment, make Ms. Cordray a multi-millionaire, and tank in about 20 months.
If you don't sign up for it they'll only post positive reviews. But how about we keep my associations offline, shall we?

"He's the best guy I've ever bent over a log and done forced feminization with!"

Fuck this app. I see it going down in flames, fast.
How pleasant. An electronic slam book.
Great! A whole new way to drive vulnerable teens to suicide.
I assume her attorneys have reviewed all "defamation of character" adjudication possibilities?
Actually, you can opt-out. You just can't participate on the site and also opt-out. So, bad reporting there! <3
I wonder what kind of reviews co-founder and chief executive Julia Cordray is going to get...
It's a violation of the US/EU Data Treaties and the US/Canada Data Treaties- citizens of those countries resident in the US retain their Right of Privacy.
Interesting. Well, it was. What's next?
Required reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers.
Stack ranking, Angie's List and Lulu make a porno.

Pretty fucking hot if you ask me.
When people questioned the founders on Facebook and Twitter, they were so mortified at the "bullying" and "invasion of privacy" that they set their Twitter profiles to private, deleted tons of Facebook comments and questions, and have asked Twitter to remove a parody account.

Glass houses, shitheads.…
I can't believe there are people who think this is a good idea. Tech culture has officially gone off the rails.
There is a similar app in development called Candid Connection ( However, it seems to prioritize privacy unlike Peeple.