Taking Advantage of Loophole, Seattle Chief Lessened Discipline for Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Jesse Hagopian


Wow, this is such bullshit. An oral reprimand should have happened without any investigation; all you have to do is see the video to know the officer needs a reprimand.

And a one day suspension without pay in itself would have been too weak. What on earth was the Chief thinking, in lowering it?

And Burgess, my god. "The Chief of Police has sent a strong and appropriate signal." What an clueless and idiotic thing to say.

Thanks for reporting on this.

In defense of Burgess, his "strong and appropriate" signal comment was about the firing of Whitlatch, not about Delafuente being reprimanded.
@2, oh, I misunderstood. Did I misread or what the quote updated? Anyway, thanks for clarifying and never mind about Burgess (in this instance).
Fuck the police.
An oral reprimand should be for something like this: "Don't kick the vending machine when it doesn't put cream in your coffee. That's not the way to solve problems. Talk to the office manager and you'll get a refund."

NOT: "Don't unload red pepper spray on non-violent citizens for violating your 10-foot personal bubble while on duty because you don't have any fucking self-control or people skills, you unfit-for-duty psycho-banshee. Now, back to work, silly!"

You know how some people have the impression that LEOs don't understand what it feels like to be on the other end of a baton or red pepper spray or a flashbang or a gun? It's shit like this.
I wish I could pepper spray people & get away with it. I'd be in front of the police station all day, having a ball.
I've still not heard an adequate explanation for why she shouldn't be charged with assault. Kathleen O'Toole apparently thinks that violent assaults on individuals who happen to be walking down the street minding their own business isn't a crime if you're wearing the right uniform.
@6 - Now, now, you scamp. That would be unseemly and would reflect poorly on the citizens of this city. I strongly recommend not doing that. Now get on outta here, and if anyone gives you any guff for pepper spraying the police, you let 'em know I already gave you a talkin' to.
If a citizen sprayed rogue cop Sandra Delafuente he or she would be shot dead.

It's also worth noting that this is another "Where's Bruce?" moment. Either his mama dropped him on the head, or he got too many football related head injuries. The guy is useless. #VoteMorales
Alright, show of hands: Who else has a job that requires an official investigation before your boss can verbally inform you that you fucked up? Anyone? Anyone?

A single day without pay is still waaaaay too light. How about not being allowed back to work until she's completed a LOT of additional training. Or, ya know, firing her.
Sandra Delafuente. Ring a bell? Oh, yeah, she's the one who was with Seattle Police Det. Shandy Cobane when he kicked the "Mexican piss" suspect. Cobane's quote, on video: "You got me? I'm going to beat the (expletive) Mexican piss out of you, homey, you feel me?" These people are real gems.
Lots of people in the street, and the two people she sprays are legally in the crosswalk. Smooth move.
Are we really surprised by what is going on in this City? It's this sort of bias against minorities that sparked the protest in the CD and Rainier Valley over the weekend!

If she had pulled that shit as a private citizen, the person she attacked would be well within his rights to shoot that silly bitch in the face. It's time for the feds to stop threatening to clean house in Seattle and just do it. Fire all of those crooked pieces of shit, disband their crapping, corrupt union a rebuild from the ground up.
And the police wonder why they don't have our faith and trust. No, really, they do.
Looks like they hired the wrong police chief...again.
When you identify policies and disciplines, you are basically setting up boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. This is how children learn. If you do not enforce the policies and disciplines, is it then still fair to expect the child to exhibit behaviors based on those policies? I think not....
Different police chief...but same old story. Should we expect different results? But this isn't on the police chief, this is on those who only hired someone that is also part of the same problem. Here is a clue. If you want to change the culture, you then have to hire someone that is not from that same very culture. When is someone going to identify a solution that doesn't come from the problem?
So if a cop pepper sprays me for no reason and then I punch the cop in the face, can I also claim that my adrenaline was pumping and expect just an oral reprimand?