This is the level of adorbs were dealing with here.
This is the level of—if you'll excuse the phrase—adorbs that Clinton is dispensing on the daily. Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

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Hillary Clinton recently copped to the fact that she's not the most exciting candidate. In her interview with Lena Dunham, Clinton said: "If you can't get excited, be pragmatic," which is the wettest wet blanket you could possibly throw on a group of young people who are having trouble getting excited about Hillary 4 Prez.

However! Have you seen her Snapchat game? Check out this Hillaryous™ and on point Snapchat story that manages to slay Trump, tie his lunacy to core planks of the Republican platform, and be funny in a bratty yet kinda serious way:

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat

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The low-rent, high-tech vibe of these snaps totally fits with the persona Clinton's trying so desperately to project. She's a person of the people. She's on her phone and capitulating to the charm of emojis just like everybody else. See. She gets us.

I had one friend who used Snapchat as her primary means of communication, so I downloaded the app to talk to her. She was so funny and talented with it! She would draw colorful mustaches on everything, write funny captions, and string together surprisingly affecting stories of her morning commute. The app created a space for her personality and creativity to flourish.

The same kind of thing seems to be going on with Hillary Clinton, or, at least with the bright and wonderful minions she's hired to manage that part of her public persona. I don't know if Clinton's strong snap game is enough to clinch the all-important youth vote, but it's enough to make me follow her religiously, if only on an app.

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