Opening night of Seattle Art Fair 2015 was July 30. Only nine months until SAF 2016.
Opening night of Seattle Art Fair 2015 was July 30. That motorcycle, made out of Bounty paper towels and resin, is by the artist Will Ryman. Photo by Tori Dickson, Courtesy Seattle Art Fair

Remember Seattle Art Fair? It feels like so long ago now that the art circus came to town this hot summer, but it's already time to start thinking about the next one. Vulcan Inc. and Art Market Productions have announced today the exact dates for Seattle Art Fair, second edition: August 4-7, 2016.

Just like last year, that's Seafair weekend, so the planes and sailors will be out, too. And just like last year, the fair will be at the somehow ideally climate-controlled CenturyLink Field Event Center with the giant doors that open out into the sun.

In 2015, the fair had 62 galleries. In 2016, it's shooting for 75. (Will that make it feel more crowded? The wide aisles were a good thing.) Gallery applications are open now through March 11.

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The curator responsible for the 2015 video exhibition, the best actual art experience of the fair, Leeza Ahmady, will be returning, but no word yet on what she's presenting specifically, or how much space she'll get.

Meanwhile, the traveling exhibition of Paul Allen's personal art collection, Seeing Nature, opens this weekend at Portland Art Museum, and the arts center that Allen is creating inside his Allen Institute for Brain Science in South Lake Union, Pivot Art + Culture, is scheduled to open in December.