The Art In This Hotel in Nashville


I might like the thing if it were just the trucks, or just the puddle and swans, but trucks-and-puddle-and-swans isn't right. It's like a ballerina in a lumberjack hat, it just doesn't go together.
You're all crazy. That painting's great. Steal it for me.
"Ron Porter’s “Decoys” is a piece that simply cannot be missed. The oil painting depicts the back of two semi-trucks driving through a muddy field, with two delicate swans swimming in a small body of water left by a heavy rain. Porter, who lives and works in Nashville and teaches drawing and painting at Vanderbilt University, is fascinated by the backs of trucks that you see on the road. Because these large moving objects are so familiar and so much a part of our everyday, American culture, he believes that no one truly “sees” them anymore. Porter began to notice the nuances and varieties of trucks, and his decision to pair the trucks with the swans in this particular piece changes the meaning of both objects completely. It is an odd relationship. “Decoys” is a must-see and often invites intrigued stares."
I love it.
It's certainly more thought provoking that a Renoir. I actually kind of like it.
God hates Impressionists, but loves graphic illustrators, especially tacky and bad ones, the tackier, the closer to god..
Is it possible that that's an artificial prairie pothole, a body of water bulldozed to create habitat for indigenous species?
Bah! Renoir couldn't compose his way out of a wet paper bag.
I think that's a tremendously creative painting! If only a hipster had painted it, it'd be a treasure. Sadly, it was probably some painting stiff in a developing country like bulgaria who pumps out painting after painting.
I love watching people who have no artistic ability whatsoever critique Renoir. Hell, I'm not even a fan of his, but it's pretty sad.
What's wrong with it?
Maybe you should stay in better hotels if you want better art. Pretentious cheapskate.
If art is supposed to make you think, this piece now has us all thinking.

If art is supposed to be part of the banal background, then, no, this isn't good hotel art.
Heavy-handed, affected, derivative New Leipzig School knock off. And the "I really see the backs of trucks" quack quack quack is some just too precious two-bit art professor blather.
The painting's not bad, IMO. But it doesn't have enough in common with anything by Renoir to make a useful comparison. And this hating on Renoir seems kind of silly. A lot of his work is hopelessly flawed but some of it is great.
at least it ain't…

"As I painted my homage to this amazing story, I could not help but be moved by the intricate
interplay between all of the magnificent creatures under Simba’s domain."

- Thomas Kinkade, a year before his tragic too early death, pushed to take his own life by cruel faggy art critics like Mr. Savage who think they can shove their good gay taste down the throats of decent God fearing Nashvillians.
@16: This one of the grounding of Noah's Arc is even more superb!…
"99 Ways to Truck a Swan"
I think it's crazy enough to be kind of cool.
I think it's kind of cool. Not really something I would buy, but I like the way the arist is finding beauty in such an unlikely place. There's a nice graphical juxtaposition between the linear trucks and the elegant birds. Why all the hate?