Former Mayor Mike McGinn Endorses Citywide Council Candidate Jon Grant


Quelle surprise. McGinn despised Burgess while Mayor and has an opportunity for a little payback. McGinn is trying to cling to a relevance that just isn't there...
or, ya know, he could just be making the endorsement because he likes grant's politics better than burgess'. i'm sure any despising went both ways, too.
Sour grapes! Mcginn is trolling all the folks he feels kicked him out of office. Guess he is also trolling voters who gave him the boot by staying in the public light.
@4 More like 'poverty pimp'
What's up with that district map? How come District 1 and 2 and 6 and 7 have extended territorial waters, going out like a league into the seas. Okay, a half a league. But District 5 and District 3 get no nautical territory at all. Not even a little. Oceangoing enemies could quite legally sail within fusillade distance of their shores and these neutered districts have no waters of their own to patrol if they wanted to.

Obviously Ballard and Magnolia have naval forces that no other district an match, but can't the others at least aspire to rule the waves?
#2 you're right, I'm sure that he does align w/ Jon Grant more than Tim Burgess. I was being us generous. The Stranger brings that out in me. Apologies.

I feel like we are watching a coordinated plan for McGinn to position himself as a voice/prescence in Seattle politics. I was not a fan. So I like to call it out when I see it.
@7, fine, you weren't a fan, but why on earth wouldn't McGinn or anyone else who wants to position themselves as a voice/presence in Seattle politics? Was he supposed to stay in his house and never say anything again?

@3, McGinn just barely lost. That wasn't exactly being given the boot.
Yawn. Go back into retirement Old Mike and take Lil' Jon with you.
Does McGinn realize he lost his bid for reelection? Someone should point that out to him.
Can some collect a list of McGinn's endorsements? That would be a handy list of folks to NOT vote for. It is hard to imagine a more toxic endorsement - right up there with an endorsement from Roger Valdez.