Jim Woodrings work is on exhibit at the Frye until Sunday. 3D glasses provided.
Jim Woodring's work is on exhibit at the Frye until Sunday morning. 3D glasses provided. Courtesy of Frye Art Museum

You can listen to the KUOW piece right here.

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It's timed to the show Genius / 21 Century / Seattle at the Frye Art Museum, a retrospective of the Stranger Genius Awards, with work by more than 60 artists across disciplines. (There are dozens of original talks and performances associated with the show. Pacific Northwest Ballet, Chris Jeffries, and Sarah Rudinoff perform this week. Rebecca Brown and Ellen Forney give a talk next week.)

KUOW's Marcie Sillman takes a wide-angle approach: what makes a genius? She interviews Frye director Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, UW geology professor and MacArthur "genius" David Montgomery, and The Stranger's music and arts editor Sean Nelson. Here's that link again.