The 34th District GOP Explains Why They Endorsed Goodspaceguy


Makes me want to move to that District so I can vote for him.
@1 ah, so you're an asshole in real life too. Unsurprising.
I used to have that exact same Denmark t-shirt. A friend brought it back from Europe in 1983 or 84.
Shit, I might vote for this prick just because a Gregoire is his opponent.
Isn't the bigger story here that there are Republicans in West Seattle? (At least one, anyway). That's like Yankees in Georgia.
Essentially the GOP 34th is admitting there aren't any serious candidates opposing Gregoire, so there's no harm endorsing a nut-case who hasn't got a snowball's chance in a volcano of winning.

Here's hoping this continues to be a dilemma for them for a long, long time...
Yeah, that dude is a total twit. I'm all for cranks tweaking our political system (E.g. Vermin Supreme), but this guy has bad, bad policy positions. He lambastes people who "haven't read economics", but then forwards totally insane economic plans. He is to be dismissed, IMHO.
The better reason to vote for goodspaceguy is a protest vote against gregoire, right ?

It's also amusing that the 1864 election had Lincoln running under the ticket of the "National Union Party" because the Republican moniker was toxic... kind of like calling yourself the GOP.…