The Morning News: Google vs. Microsoft, Amazon vs. New York Times, Arsonist vs. West Seattle Cars, Biden vs. Hillary?


There was a day when the Morning News would have had mention of the fact that our neighbours to the north have national elections today. A national election where they are poised to toss out the Conservative equivalent to GWBush by electing a Prime Minister from a dynastic family. Yeah, no interest there, move along.
It's Seymour *Hersh*, you twit.
That's what he gets for substituting a mover's blanket for a welders blanket
I see this all the time in reports, and I don't know why it only strikes me as weird today, but who the hell PLAYS with a (presumably) unloaded gun, anyway? I can understand showing it to someone (well, sort of), but what is there to "play" with, if not to shoot something or somebody?
You sure it wasn't Charles ? The way he hates them, I figured he does the snoopy dance every time a car dies.
@4: Cops 'n Robbers. It's fun being a boy.
@2 Hey twit, typo's fixed.

Good job, thanks! Now go write a long post about commenters calling you twit.
@8: Being a staffer, @8 can't be reported as abusive or hostile.
I agree: no, Joe!

Setting cars on fire is a time-honored tradition by black-hooded self-styled anarchists in Germany. Fancy cars owned by rich scum are preferred.
You missed the best story of the entire weekend: two [alleged] adult men who are running for president got into a Twitter fight over GW Bush's failure to "keep us safe" on 9/11. For once Donald Trump gets something right.…
Why wouldn't you Dems want Biden in? I'd never vote for him but to be fair he's the only one out polling all Republicans. We're overdue for a woman in the office but it ain't gonna be America's angriest Park Avenue feminist.
Why doesn't the Slog run a headline every time someone in shot in South Seattle?
Another day in Seward Park:

Written by Officer Lauren Lovanhill on October 16, 2015 2:17 pm
A women running on the upper trail in Seward Park was attacked Thursday evening around 5:45 PM.
The victim reported that she was running on the trail that connects the north beach to the south beach when a Hispanic male hit her in the back of the head and pinned her down on the ground.
The victim was able to fight off the attacker. She believes he ran off after another women running on the trail.
The victim described the suspect as 5 foot 6, slim build, with brown hair wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie."…
@13: Biden isn't running and hasn't yet been targeted by Republicans. Also, the only GOP contender who puts up a serious challenge to Hillary is Jeb! and you can check RCP if you don't believe me. Joe the Biden would be a late entrant, and honestly at this point Hillary has better campaign infrastructure than he'd be able to build in time for the general. If we want an establishment candidate (and I honestly do, in the absence of another Obama-like outsider), Hillary is the obvious choice. Nice try.

@14: Police blotter is thataway.
Obama is the Amazon of Presidents, so really, Carney is a good fit.