Loophole Allows for Legalized Corruption in Seattle Elections. Will the Council Close It?


"If people want to be unscrupulous and break the rules, if they're smart about it, it is hard to enforce," Kaushik said of the election code, with a wink and a nod. It is also absolutely inconceivable that Burgess' campaign handler and FORMER SEEC EMPLOYEE FOR CHRISSAKE!!! didn't know about the dark $$$ being gathered together by Triad and other corporate scumbags to pour onto Burgess. What a disgusting spectacle. #VoteHerbold #VoteMorales #VoteSawant #VoteMaddock (O'Brien is great on the environment, but he did preside over much of Ballard's ugly takeover by the Condo Overlords).
Meant to say it's inconceivable that Burgess' campaign handler, political consultant and former SEEC employee CHRISTIAN SINDERMAN. Presumably Sinderman is smirking at the spectacle of the shower of dark $$$ from the Chamber Pot of Commerce and assorted asshole developers and corporate landlords, and the "what me worry" shucking and jiving from the current SEEC about the attempted shakedown of Jon Grant. The upcoming vote (which Licata said likely won't occur until late November or December) will be a real litmus test for the Seattle City Council. Meanwhile, several of them are laughing all the way to the Banks.