The Seattle Public Library Rebrand Meeting Will Be Open to the Public


Fuck yes!!! Turner needs to be loudly mic checked for planing to spend AT LEAST $2 million--I've heard the actual amount could be closer to $2.4 million--while not giving library workers COLAs this year. Many of these folks make even less than teachers and are having a hard time surviving in Seattle on the low wages they earn at SPL. I'd love it if the Library Board would send Turner packing over this stupid vanity project.
I never take back library books. I use them to steady the furniture in my garage.
So, I can't be there tomorrow for various reasons, but I would like to deputize those that do go to remind everyone at the meeting that this is not about the money spent , or the horribly designed graphics or even the ill-advised rebranding of adding an S to library. Rather this was an attempted Trojan Horse meant to hide a hijacking attempt against our libraries and all libraries by reconceptualizing the very nature of what a library is supposed to be. Marcellus in this one act was attempting to restructure libraries in our city, reconsecrating
...them as something completely different. My theory is that this has something to do with a conservative disapproval of the concept of the idea as a free space, as part of the commons and as one of the last truly socialist spaces in America, but I'm probably wrong on that and my girlfriend would say that I'm being paranoid, which is probably true, organizations don't get destroyed from within by groups attempting to radically overhaul them, such a thing would never happen to PBS or NPR, right?
...but I digress, what is important is what we have before us, we are at a turning point in which we can save our libraries from a group , headed by TURNER, who do not want the library to continue , some say, that they want to do away with books, other say this is about stopping the loss of revenue for Amazon and Walmart etc. Some say it is a desire to privatize anything and everything that can turn a buck, like the fire department, parks and the post office, water the real reasons. Which we may never know, the time has come for us to band together and protect the very concept of what a library is going to be going forward and yes, it has come time that we take a stand together, in fact come together and save the books.