Seattle Marketing Firm Offers to Rebrand the Library for Free


I already re-branded's the new logo:…

It still is a pointless expenditure of time and money.
Yeah, no.

A "digital marketing firm" named something as ham-fisted as "The Marketeering Group" handling a highly visible identity design project? Their own logo looks like a RSS feed icon and 2 hours of photoshop tutorials fucked and had a kid. Regardless of people's political opinions on this, pay Hornall for the work. They know what they're doing. In fact, always pay for design work.
Its the fucking library
Already did up the new logo:

Bertha Clusterfvck Library

You're welcome
Too expensive? $365,000 is 0.5% of SPL's annual budget. Hornall Anderson was the lowest bidder in a public bidding process and most likely cut them a huge discount. Plus, 100% of the cost is funded by private donations. Where is the controversy here? I honestly don't understand what I'm supposed to be upset about. $365k is a trifling amount for a project of this scope and scale. This is no way remarkable or unusual. Did you do any research and compare this cost to others of comparable size? If you had, I think you'd find that this is pretty cheap. Why is this on the cover of the Stranger? Where was the outrage when the SPD underwent a complete rebrand from a high-profile design firm last year?
I think the outrage is over the fact that the library is already one of the most used and beloved libraries in the country. SPD? Not so much. Now get back to work on your meetings, busy work, and dreaming up ways to make yourself relevant @6!!!!
I wonder if a city department could actually accept a free bid from a company. The regulations surrounding purchasing are beyond byzantine.