It's their prerogative to make whatever endorsement they choose. Some in the LBGT community are socialists, but most are not.
Strange that not everyone blindly agrees with The Stranger....very strange.
I guess she's too strident for them. That's the consensus, right? She needs to be nicer?
The most recent 990 tax filing available online at Guidestar listed their board of directors as of 12/31/2013 as: Rod Hearne, Monisha Harrell, Josh Castle, Jeff Albertson, Herb Krohn, Marsha Botzer, and Ty Stober. They may or may not still be on the board, but these people might know what's going on. (FYI, EWR only raised $61K in 2013, and had only $25K in the bank at year end. Unless they had a great year in 2014, it doesn't look like there's much left there.)
@2, did you hack @3's account?
@6, that's rich coming out of your corporate worshiping ass Matt.
The ERW Board Chair is Monisha Harrell. She is the campaign manager and niece of Councilmember Bruce Harrell, who is a Banks supporter.……
Come in for a meeting or don't get endorsed. It's not that tough to figure out, Dan. Would SECB (which I'm told you chair) endorse a candidate who refused a meeting? Have they ever?
@10 yes they have.

This endorsement is strictly because Harrell (Bruce) doesn't like Sawant and his campaign manager is on their board of directors.

It's a real shame when an organization like that is willing to put progress for their constituents on hold in order to play politics.
ERW would have a bit more credibility if Bruce Harrelll's niece recused herself from the endorsement process. As it is, their flimsy excuse doesn't pass the giggle test. I'm not necessarily a Sawant fanboy, and there may indeed be valid reasons to endorse Banks, but this endorsement reeks, and should be ignored.
Well now the question of "how the hell did anti-gay Republican State Rep Linda Kochmar get a hold of the email address I only ever gave to ERW?" has an answer: they went belly up and sold their entire email address book to anyone who was buying. (Which is exactly the reason behind why I give nearly every website a different email address.)
Poor Dan. Must suck when the gay community goes against your wishes. I mean, you being their king and all....
It makes sense that LGBTQ are a heterogeneous voting bloc and that they all won't vote for Sawant but it is suspicious that a LGBTQ advocacy group endorses a candidate who is clearly lacking in that particular political niche.

You wouldn't expect the Sound Transit Blog to endorse the weak transit choice between comparable candidates.
So, in supporting this contention that Sawant has done "great work" for the LGBT community, you point to a town hall meeting and... well, the minimum wage thing. Because you've always gotta mention that one, no matter how tenuous the connection. Right?

She hasn't done shit for the LGBT community. And since she's not interested in reaching out to anybody who isn't already up her ass, that won't change.
Shouldn't any organization give an explanation and rationale for their endorsement, or that just for media companies?
@17: I see you didn't read the article.

" the words "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual," and "transgender" appear nowhere that I could find on her website. Setting aside Sawant's record on LGBT issues, and the emphasis she places on them, the mere fact that Banks calls trans people "transistors" and compares trans men and women to drug addicts should disqualify her from getting an endorsement from an LGBT civil rights group."

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