In the great heirarchy of beings, librarians are a notch just below angels. What a great relief it is to know SLP will remain singular and not pursue this wasteful rebranding exercise. Thank you Stranger for blowing the whistle.

Now, if only SPL could give library workers their COLA, which has been withheld all year...
Rich, thanks for your attention to this issue. This is a perfect example of what real journalism can accomplish. It's remarkable how much attention the Stranger has given books, literature, and libraries over the last 20+ years, and you are now a part of that tradition.
This is excellent news for Seattle and for libraries in general. Lately it seems as though some library systems are almost afraid to talk about themselves as libraries, and need to make themselves sound like hip urban gathering places for electronic readers and movies. Where I live, the library board is actually an advisory commission appointed by the City, and the meetings have shamefully few public attendees. I encourage people to attend for any reason at all. The library system, your library system, needs to hear from you and you need to keep up with what the system is doing and plans to do -- so you can head off misguided projects like this one, if for no other reason.
Bureaucrats will always fall back on blaming the media, whether its warranted or not (see yesterday's Republican debate). Your original piece was more than fair. Keep up the good work, Rich.
Tre Maxie was out of line blaming the media about what the rebranding was. The library shot themselves in the foot with the survey that focused on a mealy mouth motto, weird symbolic representations, and the whole 'ies' thing. I'm at my local branch at least once a week, and the first I heard about rebranding was with the survey. If they have been working on this for 2 years as Maxie said last night (yes, I was there), they were really quiet about it. I think we'd better keep a closer eye on this and attend more Bd mtgs.
@1 - the negotiating over COLA is done through the City Coalition of Unions, so it's not like the library is deliberately withholding anything, really, they just have to wait on that decision. And typically when something does get negotiated out it includes retroactive back pay. So it's not like the end of the universe.
There was a controversy surrounding the construction of the Central Library? All I remember are the vast numbers of people who were swooning over Rem Koolhaas.
People did swooned over the architect and the building is very photogenic and pretty to look at. Good for tourists and photographers. I love the children section, but don't wander in there unless you are part of a tour group or have a kid in tow. That's it. Like many, I prefer the old Central Library and even the temporary one that was over by the Convention Center for flow, ease of use, and functionality.

Now there's a sterility and tension as if the downtown library can't decide if it sees itself as hip, living art piece- attractive to the well read, monied, techy types or a social/community service provider. In reality, many users are the sweaty, often unwashed horde who need a warm, safe haven to park their bums and all their belongings in for as long as they can. I have used the Central Libray as a meeting place to tutor some adult learners, but find the staff to be uneven in helpfulness and welcoming of such use. I don't know if some are tired and a bit cynical of the social and policing work they must do there daily, but I find the local branches far easier and friendlier for such purpose.

If SPL is trying to follow in the footsteps of the NY Publc Library, then this branding and big talk about change and being more (whatever that means) make sense. Pretty soon, it can make Vogue and Variety for big ball dress charity gala. Then Seattle can cross off one more thing in its quest to be that world class city.

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