A Trip to Jimi Hendrix's Grave with Ken the Ghost Hunter


Is he actually buried there? I've always heard that he was disinterred after his first burial because people were trying to dig him up.
I recognize that you were assigned to write a Halloween-themed article, but this is just an advertisement for the man's mental problems. It's sad and shouldn't be encouraged.
Yes, Collin. He's there. He was moved from a previous location to this one.

Yelahneb, I suggest listening to Ken. Don't piss off any ghosts.
I would not have believed any of it...until I started watching Patrick Macnee's "Ghost Stories" on Amazon Instant Video.
What the fuck is this bullshit? Fucking christ, this is stupid.
Swearing not allowed without a pic of yourself, you will make the spirits angry.
I love this so much. Dennis and Ken. The Jimi poem and the kisses on his face. I kiss you too Jimi. I don't mess around with ghosts but I'm calling Ken if and when I encounter.
Looks like commenter 6 woke up with their panties on a little too tight. Solk512, here is what you should do- never look at the internet again. Better for you, better for us all.