This 7-footer really POPS! Fun for all GOP parties!
This 7-footer really POPS! Fun for all GOP parties! Courtesy Tacoma Art Museum and Collection Liz and Eric Lefkofsky

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Last night U.S. News & World Report got its hands on an internal campaign document from Jeb Bush headquarters, and it had a juicy art bit, reported by Slate this morning: Bush's "fourth-quarter fundraising rollout, scheduled for Dec. 5 at the trendy Art Basel in Miami," is an event called "Pop Art, Politics & Jeb."

For an exciting event like that, you need an exciting flagship painting to put on the walls, to send out on your invitations, to offer as a selfie background for enthusiastic GOP donors—Rick Santorum would look great in front of this one! Lari Pittman's 7-foot tall painting, Spiritual and Needy (1991-'92), is now on glorious, vivid display at Tacoma Art Museum, but I'm sure you, Jeb, could get it jetted down to Miami for a day.

Need a closer look before deciding?