Reminder: There are Ways to Vote in King County Without Paying for a Stamp


you can also vote in person at a polling place:…
Much of the stamped mail I get these days has an illegible postmark on it, sometimes just an ink smear. It's troubling to read the emphasis the Elections Department places on postmark dates. I hope ballots with unreadable postmarks don't get thrown out and go uncounted.
Or drop it off in person at a polling van like the one at UW Red Square.
Tell me I'm crazy, (I just wanted to get 100 replies), but I remember about 3 years ago I received a ballot where I was able to vote on two issues using a web based system. It had some codes and things for security and I was thinking, ok, this is it, e-Democracy coming to town.

And then nothing..back to envelopes and glue.
"real life is so hard! how did people exist before the interwebs?"

just buy some fucking forever stamps at the grocery store or walgreens and have them around, if only for this purpose. you do buy IRL food and sundries, right? or do you eat and bathe virtually?
So, you're relying on a King County Elections official to tell you about something that is really determined by the Post Office? That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Also, go buy some fucking stamps at the grocery store and quit whining.
seriously. who uses stamps anymore. or checks. They should come prepaid. Or there should be way more drop boxes.
This has always felt like a de facto illegal poll tax to me, even though I'm sure King County Elections would argue that the handful of voting boxes scattered around the city would negate that.

Seems like the federal government could do democracy a solid by having a clear policy of not requiring postage on ballots.
jesu christu - buy or borrow a stamp and support a public good / public institution called the US Postal Service. Good paying jobs, good benefits, a pension system. And the most amazing system to deliver mail. everything that a good liberal and/or good american shoudl be happy to support. oy vey
Some things bear repeating: " ... go buy some fucking stamps at the grocery store and quit whining."

I'm not Father Time, but I'm old enough to remember when you had to go to the polls to vote. Voting by mail is a bargain.
Stamps are dumb, we should fix that. Unless it's drugs, I prefer my transactions to not revolve around little bits of paper. ...but don't abuse the Postal Service just because they'll take it. Those guys have it hard enough having all of the downsides of a business and a government agency, but without the funding or ability to act like a free enterprise.
I dropped my ballot off at the downtown post office. It was around midnight, and I had to walk into the street to use the drive up box. I would have spent money on a stamp but it wasn't an option. I did buy a page (20?) of forever stamps about five years ago, but I forgot where I put them. Maybe I used them all, but I doubt it. The only thing I recall putting stamps on is ballots, which is like once or twice a year. My ballots are never counted anyway, because I fail the signature verification. I never write, so my signature is never the same.

It's 2015.
Nobody uses stamps.
Nobody writes.
Signatures are not identification.
Yes, I think this is discriminatory and suppresses votes via discouragement.
Oh, and I haven't updated my name with the elections, so it doesn't match my ID. Thank goodness we've never had voter ID laws in Washington.
mailed a ballot a few years ago with the wrong stamp, IT WAS RETURNED. Don't trust the USPS to do their part in keeping democracy functional without paying them first.
Oh good lord, you have to have a dark ink pen too, or is that a poll tax as well? If you can't afford a stamp, how are you paying for the address that the ballot is sent to?
Just write the King County Elections address is the upper left return address section of the envelope, and stfu.
Buying a stamp is sooooo hard. Can't someone just do it for me? While we are at it, who is going to deliver my groceries to my house, place food in my mouth, and then chew and swallow for me? This stuff is hard, and I shouldn't have to do anything for myself. I'm an American, dammit!
@12: give them a way to contact you in that place they offer for that. It's helped get a couple of my votes counted.

@18, I do, and it is not worth the time or effort. Signatures aren't ID. Period. It is disenfranchising and the state needs a new method (a PIN?).