The kids are all right.
Thanks for reporting on this.
The MSM in this country are doing a terrible job reporting on global warming's rapid progress so the general public has little concern. There are two aspects: It's going to be very damaging very soon. In some places global warming is already disastrous. To know this you have to read a blog like Robert Scribbler.
Transitioning rapidly to clean energy will reduce the impacts and create millions of jobs - no "new" technology necessary, we've got cheap solar and wind technology already. They're cheaper than coal and will soon be cheaper than gas.

Should be educated in fuel cells and hydrogen.

They should be building a 21st century Hydrogen Economy for Seattle.


Gas is abundant, plentiful and always there. Our gas supply is like a huge, permanent battery of clean hydrogen, available to all nations. No "new" technology necessary as major automakers roll out FCEVs and countries like South Korea deploy billions in stationary fuel cell generating plants for electricity.

Well, when they grow up they can be sued for every world problem that happened to be around and they were born into. They don't need to sue the gov. They need to talk to their parents about changing the way they live.
Teach a kid to fish, he'll eat for a day; teach him to sue and you've got a new Democrat!
These kids are spot on, but need to sue legislative obstructionist Mr. "Let's Do Away with the EPA!" Doug "Senator Free Lunch" Ericksen, R-Ferndale, 42nd District, instead. Get rid of Ericksen, a corrupt and blatant lobbyist for Big Oil and Big Coal, and then Governor Jay Inslee would finally be free to do his job in slowing climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

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