Watch the Donald Trump SNL Promos; Also, Poor Cecily Strong


Love it or leave it, Muchachos!

I'm going to send snl a message by not watching it twice as hard as I normally don't.
Not the President we need but probably the President we deserve.
What could possibly go wrong? Hopefully this goes horribly wrong for The Donald.
@2 - seconded.
There was nothing funny in any of those promos.

Oh wait, I guess it's kind of funny that SNL is still on the air.
@3: Such pessimism and bitterness is illogical.
@2, thirded.

I'd boycott the show, but I haven't watched in a decade or more, so the point is moot.

Still, I hope their ratings are in the toilet. What the fuck were they thinking?
Lorne Michaels is the problem - ok, Trump too. Back to Michaels, here's the same guy who put Miley Cirus as the host and musical performer on the season opener this year...fired Sarah Silverman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus among countless others far more talented than that of past/current cast members.

The Donald can act quite well so this all seems to be suited quite well for him.
But of course Trump is going to do SNL whether there are 1,000,000 petitioners against it. He's controversial and this NBC/Universal counts on him to deliver lots of eyeballs which translates into lots of $$$. In other words NBC/Universal is whoring out Donald Trump just so they can make money off his shit show. The best thing you can do is *not* watch this shit show.
Fuck SNL. Seriously. Fuck them. Why don't they just let David Dukes or Charles Manson host. What fucking assholes.
@12, I'd like to see Manson host.
It's really not been funny in as long as I can remember. The Larry David / Bernie thing got props, but even then it was just great casting and the willingness of David to make a guest appearance that was so great. The writing in that skit was mediocre, and it's just some of those weird & peculiar physical similarities between David & Sanders, and their respective histories, that made it so enjoyable.
Sia should back out.