Pushed by Anti-Prison Activists, City Council Considers Spending $600,000 on Alternatives to Youth Detention


Reminds me of what Mudede typed a while back: the suburbs were created by underfunding or defunding communities disproportionally of Color, well , it is all part of the Racist Plan that includes spending more money on jails and prisons for children of Color than on schools . . . .--- http://www.splcenter.org & http://www.inequality.org & http://www.nbufront.org .
This is GREAT! It's backing up the resolution to end incarceration of youth with something real.

Do we know exactly when next week the council is hearing this, considering it and taking public comments? Please keep us posted!
But the hangman isn't hanging and they put you on the street, yeah you go back, Jack, do it again.......
It said considering. People have to pressure them to get the council to do it.

This is the prison nation. Prisons are big business. They need to lock up wall street and the bankers for robbing us.