Transfusions: Pumping new blood into Seattles technoscape.
Transfusions: Pumping new blood into Seattle's technoscape. design by Tyler Jacobsen

Good news for Seattle's electronic-music scene: Dr. Troy Wadsworth, head of the reissue-oriented Medical Records*, plans to launch a techno sub-label in 2016 called Transfusions. It will augment what is already a strong contingent of local techno imprints, which includes MOTOR, Knightriders, Peloton Musique, and Further (though the latter is not exclusively techno-centric). Wadsworth says that Transfusions will issue standard-weight 12-inch singles and EPs in uniform disco sleeves (see above), although in the future he may release full-lengths. Two releases that look solid at the moment: a 12-inch by rising Vancouver producer Derivatives and a four-track compilation of Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky's Analog Session.

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Medical is best known for its excavations of obscure synth classics from the '70s and '80s by Severed Heads, Der Plan, and Zeus B. Held as well as '90s post-rock and shoegaze touchstones such as Laika's Silver Apples of the Moon and Rollerskate Skinny's Shoulder Voices. But Wadsworth is a rabid collector and savvy DJ of techno, too, and Transfusions reflects his increasing interest in the genre.

*I've written liner notes for Medical Records.

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