There is no excuse for diapers in the landfill. What is going on with parents these days?
So what's the deal with the "Today on Slog" emails, which claim "The best of Slog" but really include just about every post made earlier that day, not necessarily "the best" posts.

In Seattle Stranger, every Slog is Best Slog.
Minimum Wage in Mexico:

67.29 pesos per day, or about $5

I highly recommend the city's "Find It/Fix It" app mentioned earlier re: illegally dumped trash. You can also use it to report potholes, broken signs, parking violations, etc. I've been using it since they released it, and they typically respond within a day and resolve within 1-2 weeks.
@5: After regularly reporting for weeks the daily parking violations by commercial trucks near my office--where I have twice been fined for parking my non-commercial vehicle in spots where those trucks regularly park without any enforcement action--I learned that Find it Fix it sends a report once daily at 8:00 a.m. to the single police officer who handles such reports for the entire city. That portion of the application is apparently useful only for abandoned vehicles.

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