I cant stop thinking about those shoeless soldiers in Valley Forge bleeding all over the frozen ground.
I can't stop thinking about those shoeless soldiers at Valley Forge in the snow. Bennett Miller

I wrote about her book Lafayette in the Somewhat United States here, but if you don't like to read, you can always just listen to Sarah Vowell talking about it instead.

Discussed: George Washington, Marie Antoinette, the Revolutionary War, the French, L. Ron Hubbard, gunpowder, Colonial Williamsburg, Herman Melville, the American tendency toward disunion, Congress, the silent-reading party, Quakers, jokes, death by exposure, the musical Hamilton, and the time a man came up to her at a reading and said, "You know what I hate about you?"

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Programming note: I may have defined "crust punk" incorrectly. I called George Washington a crust punk.