Listeners React to the Sale of KPLU


"If KPLU goes to all jazz, which there are some great shows, I hope they keep The Art Of Jazz with Ken Wiley- that guy is a motherfuckin TREASURE."

They won't. The entire staff is being sacked because KUOW employees are state employees and must be hired through a public listing in accordance with state law. Legally they can't retain any of them, or so they claim.

Or maybe they won't hire anyone. Maybe they'll source canned programming from somewhere. Maybe they'll put Kenny G on an endless loop (KPLU doesn't play that smooth jazz crap), or just turn it into a repeater station for KUOW. Who knows? I'll miss Ken Wiley and John Kessler's All Blues on Saturday and Sunday nights.

I really wonder who will keep the money from KPLU's very successful fund raising drive.

Should have just skipped the intermediate step, and sold both stations to Rupert Murdoch.

Privatization is ALWAYS the answer, even when there's no question.

Radio LOL
@2: Or to George Soros or Al Gore.