"Obama wants to import 1.5 million muslims into the U.S. This is absolute madness! Islam is incompatible with western civilization! How anyone people need to die? In the interim, Amicans, arm yourselves!!!!!"

Republican state representative Jay Rodne believes that Islam is "incompatible" with Western civilization. On this point, he agrees with the terrorists who attacked Paris.

His Facebook page is full of noxious, bigoted comments. (And yes, he misspelled "Americans.")

As Murtaza Hussain points out, the Islamic State has spelled out its goal quite clearly: eliminate "the grayzone" of coexistence between Muslims and the West. Here's what the group said after the attack on Charlie Hebdo:

The attack had “further [brought] division to the world,” the group said, boasting that it had polarized society and “eliminated the grayzone,” representing coexistence between religious groups. As a result, it said, Muslims living in the West would soon no longer be welcome in their own societies. Treated with increasing suspicion, distrust and hostility by their fellow citizens as a result of the deadly shooting, Western Muslims would soon be forced to “either apostatize … or they [migrate] to the Islamic State, and thereby escape persecution from the crusader governments and citizens,” the group stated, while threatening of more attacks to come.

A Frenchman who spent ten months as an ISIS hostage had this to say today about his captors:

Central to their world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims, and every day their antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence. The pictures from Germany of people welcoming migrants will have been particularly troubling to them. Cohesion, tolerance—it is not what they want to see.

Rodne, who has also opposed gay marriage, represents the 5th legislative district in Snoqualmie. He was endorsed last year by the Seattle Times editorial board and re-elected by a wide margin, earning over 26,000 votes.

The Republican house caucus did not respond to a voicemail left seeking comment. Nor did House Speaker Frank Chopp.

UPDATE: David Postman, a spokesperson for Governor Inslee, says in an e-mail message, "A state legislator from East King County says Islam is incompatible with Western civilization? He is fomenting hate and fear. That's what we should be fighting. I hope he's not espousing the official position of his party."

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Inslee is welcoming Syrian refugees to Washington state and criticized other governors yesterday for making anti-refugee statements in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.