The back-pedaling is textbook.
How do we make it clear that by attacking random Muslims and mosques you are doing exactly what the terrorists want us to do!
The *want* division and discord. They *want* more violence. That fuels their war.
The way to stand against the actual terrorists (ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda) is by showing solidarity, demonstrating peace, and refusing to give in to their violence by being violent.
I reported it too. First time Facebook said it did not violate community standards. In the comment for that I replied "The post is saying they are going to murder Muslims and has addresses. If that doesn't violate your code then you have a pretty messed up code." The next day I have a notification saying Facebook was unable to check out the post as it was taken down before they could see it.
Facebook's review process is run by third world outsource vendors with a 75 IQ. I've reported spam from "DLsney Cruisez." and they responded that account was totally legit. My confidence in these same people being able to judge a passive, but totally credible, threat of religious violence is about 2 on a scale of 100.
"Death cult masquerading as a religion" sounds more like Christianity than Islam.

But you also have to factor in the notion that at least a small number of people calling for these actions would themselves love nothing more than to attack a few random Muslims and burn a few mosques, presumably as a demonstration of their fealty to Good, God-Fearing 'Murkin Christian Family Values. Reacting to a terrorist attack with their own form of revenge-terrorism just gives them a convenient and socially-acceptable (in their minds at least) excuse for doing so.
@3, Daesh is ISIS.

And none of these terrorist groups care a whit what we do or what we say. They don't seem to intend to "win" in the sense that we mean it, so our intent to not "lose" means nothing to them. This is not a primary school playground game.
@6: Oh come now, all religions are basically death cults.

@8: True, they want a worldwide caliphate of slaves regardless of what we say and do, but by attacking Muslims, we prove them right, that there is a worldwide Jihad going on. This strengthens their position and recruitment.
@8 No kidding, Daesh is ISIS? Well color me insipidly bored. I know that. Others don't.

Their goal is a shooting cultural war. And yes they pay attention to that. US, French and other "patriots" bombing mosques and killing innocents is exactly what they want. It's a manipulation. And a highly successful one.

Did you even read the article I linked?

Want to actually do something positive? Help out World Relief Seattle, as they are helping refugee families here locally.
"you people"

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