Cat Ladies of Seattle, Unite!


You didn't "Kittify" your text sufficiently.
Gato the link, have it correct your text, then purrlease repost the article.
Ok, how can you have a cat lady with only one cat? Although some kitties are not good sharers of space and food and people, most cats are best in bunches! Let's get out there and adopt, women!
Don't forget PAWS Cat City!…
Cat barf on toast. Nothing like the smell of cat piss/poop in the morning. I love getting lectures on my slightly disorderly-but-clean flat from a dedicated cat lady with whose tidy place has the permanent overhang of said ambrosia. Bleah.
If I've going to be a slave, it's to a feline, dammit!
Cats kill lots of birds. Feral cats in many places are a scourge.

Personally, I like them, but the cognitive dissonance about the ecological damage done by pets is staggering.
@7: re killing birds---it largely depends on the cat---my last feline god was a devout mouse hunter, instead, and left the birds alone. He loved to hear them sing when napping. Feral cats often have rough lives outside and many live at the mercy of raccoons, stray dogs, etc. Cats and dogs sure can wreak havoc, though, can't they? I think the big difference is that cats don't get mad---like the rowdy Deltas of National Lampoon's Animal House, they get even and take names. And they're watching us.
"It sounds like a headline ripped straight from The Onion: “Survey: More than 1K cats near Maui bird sanctuary.”

But this is no Sylvester and Tweety Bird situation. The growing feral cat population on the Hawaiian island of Maui has wildlife biologists concerned as more and more of the cats crowd around the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary -- a bird sanctuary where endangered species such as the Hawaiian duck, Hawaiian coot and Hawaiian stilt nest."…