In Pot News: Grower or a Shower? Liquor and Cannabis Board Gets a Tongue Lashing, and More


why must so many people try to profit from weed? its so fuvking easy to grow in your yard during a typical Seattle summer with only water. No bugs, by october had six 7- footers, dried, trimmed, 1.2 pounds. primo, bro. If I know you snd you smoke, I give it away willy nilly, baby.
also, I'm rich. mucho dinero. I need friends to help me spend my millions.😢
Nothing grown outdoors in Washington state, not even east of the mountains, is primo. The good stuff is all hydroponically grown indoors. In a state where even hydro grown GSC is cheap street fodder, outdoor grown weed just can't keep up. The outdoor recreational growers are growing the strains that end up getting marked down and sold on sale, because the quality just isn't there.