CDC: Marriage Rates Up in 2014, Divorce Rates Down


Dear Dan, I do realize the importance of being informed of what the garbage heads are doing - to stop the damages they want to inflict on us all - but surely we can figure out a way to do this without using their names in the news. For such as Hu(stler)bee, and the (D)ump(s)t-er race-war-provocateurs and their ilk, seeing their names in the media makes them happy, and subsequently even more vile.
Haters gonna hate
@1 - Conversely, using their accurate names allows these sorts of articles to be found in web search engines, so that people who are "on the fence" about the ammosexual homophobic (self-loathing) haters can learn other facts, and even opinions about the hater-classes. We're not here to pander or not-pander to their inflated egos. Besides, using "othering" names only makes us sound like the rightwingnut babies who can't hold an informed, well-argued debate to save their souls.

Ok, this next video may be of interest to all the lovers and marriage-ers out there.
The History of Love

(disclaimer: the video is relatively short and does leave out some important details, such as the patriarchal sexism of the last 2000 years, anything to do with the lower-classes at all, and does gloss nuanced details of various schools of thought/expression. But hopefully you can either see past those lapses, or fill in the gaps yourself, and take some useful context from the information and the spirit in which it is given. Sincerely, treacle)
Too bad CDC doesn't survey the health of church attendance. It would be informative to see if Huckleberry and his fellow conservative Bible-thumping hucksters might be driving nominal and/or decent (i.e. believers in equality and the Golden Rule) Christians AWAY from church with their hateful, divisive, subversive rhetoric.
I fail to see how this data prevents Trump and Huckabee and Santorum from saying that the CDC says that gay marriage has been proven to have caused an increase in divorce and decrease in marriage. Am I the only one who listens when these guys talk? Am I the only one who reads what their supporters have to say for themselves?

They. Don't. Care. About. Reality.

Facts simply don't matter to them. If anything, the less they know, the more certain they become. Instead of beating this dead horse that they've been proven wrong again, it's time to find a way of responding that makes a difference.
@5: "If anything, the less they know, the more certain they become."

Amen. It's baffling.
Oh come on, SSM is too destroying OSM. It just is. Use some common sense, you guys. Don't pay attention to, like, data and stuff. You'll let facts and reality get in the way of, like, God, and um, morals. And things.
Don't mention The Things. Now someone'll have to come in and cover them up with lace doilies.
The same people who accuse President Obama of trampling the Constitution and ruling as an autocrat are the ones who want to destroy the balance of powers and remove the Supreme Court from any modicum of influence. Also, they're the ones who want to institute religious tests for office and citizenship. And the ones who want to give immigration authority to the individual states.
I can't quite get over the irony.
@9 venomlash - because democracy + freedom = Christian theocracy
@9 venomlash: because democracy + freedom + guns = Christian theocracy/God's plan for America
Yea... Repeating Huck's name as anything other than the end of a fuckabee limerick is a waste of time and excessive public exposure. Like Trump, he is trying to continue a career and running is the means, not the ends.
@4 The recent Pew report on religion does show that more people, especially young people are moving away from organized religion.