Oh My God, Did You Read About the Pastor Charged with Murdering a Teen Because He Wanted to Leave the Church?


Yet another example of big government trampling all over religious freedom in this country.
I've been following this story- the most fucked up part is that his parents didn't stop the
Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
she looks like every basic white lady - is there something particularly terrifying about her face?

she'll get man 2, at best. and then a bigger, newer church, a tv and radio show, and more tax exemptions.

Why is she wearing that in court. What does it mean.
Everyone will probably get a bullshit manslaughter charge, the men will face some short time behind bars, the women will get probation, and all of them will be back in church fucking up more people's lives soon enough.

I mean, separation of church and state means you can do whatever you want if you are a church, right?
@4: I know, and her name is Tiffanie. Imagine that.

Well, I guess they are eligible to play with ISIS on teeter-totter of religious extremism.
And it's muslims I'm supposed to fear?
@5: and the mom's wearing a Sylvester sweatshirt.

I don't think the rural poor have appropriate arraignment clothes anymore.
They would have been better off joining Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption instead.
And this was in New York state. Imagine the comments if it had been in the South. Proof that crazy is not restricted to one region.
@9 actually that is pepe le pew & his unwilling gf penelope.
Old news but still relevant.

@12: +1 Internet
@12: oh shit I got my cartoon skunks crossed.
Yay Hobby Lobby.

You have your cartoon species crossed, too. Sylvester is not a skunk.
At the end of the article, it is noted that this particular church previously had 40 members, but now has around 20. So, HALF of the entire church was involved in this insanity (either as perpetrator or victim)? Are the other 10 also part of these two families?

Super creepy. here's hoping the 17-year-old is protected from these wingnuts until he is of age and can GTFO.
These monsters will be leading the GOP field in Iowa in 5,4,3,2..
That town reminds me of Bothell in the 80s. Makes this a sort of all-too-ordinary extra scary type of horror.
She's the female Ted Cruz, that's who she looks like.
@10, guess you missed the news, because Megareverend Oliver closed OLOPE down after several donations of semen came (hah, hah!) in the mail.

Sufferin' succotash!