Still The Best Sex Tip for People Who Just Ate an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner


I'm sorry, after Thanksgiving dinner just isn't a time for sex. The digestive system requires huge amounts of blood if you've recently gorged yourself and, well, other places are going to get less bloodflow. Which is a problem for erectile tissue and for the large muscles of the limbs as well. Simple physiology.
Lazy sex can mitigate the musculature's demands for blood, but it won't help the genitals.
Not very helpful advice for people with children who never have privacy to fuck first - afterwards (after date night, after Christmas dinner, etc) is the only time we are actually alone!
Shameless marketing of coffee cups, I'm calling spam post.
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@1, just because you can't get it up doesn't mean nobody else can. Anecdotal phallusy.

And hey Dan, your link for the mug is borked.
Sex before any family gathering is very stress releasing. A therapeutic necessity in some situations.
Special Happy Thangsgiving to you Dan and your mob.
I thank you for being here.
Is not overeating even an option? What if it became one?
I'm just going to leave this right here...
@1 - "No, not tonight, honey. We just ate a lot of food, and although it would be fun to have some nice slow sex, it just wouldn't be optimal. We should have had sex several hours ago. Now, what would even be the point?"
Hmmm. Just how I'm supposed to fuck first when I'm preparing the feast, I'm sure I don't know.
I learned this when I listened to Dan on the Girl on Guy podcast. And...personal experience. I'm a chef, and my beau and I hit a period of low bone-time just as I was trying out a new recipe every day for a few weeks. I finally asked him what was the deal, and he blurted out, "You over-feed me." A couple days later I heard the Fuck First advice from Dan and I took that shit to heart.
@5: So, which statement are you disputing? That physiological arousal requires increased blood flow to the genitals, or that feeding to repletion diverts significant blood from the rest of the body to the GI tract?
@9: Enjoy your indigestion.

Man, I rain on the parade with a little simple physiology and people get all salty. Sheesh.
@10; get the food on its way, table set etc a good hour before the guests arrive.
Put kids in front of the telly, and while you all sweaty from cooking and before the shower and dress, take ten minutes for cuddles/ sex.
@10, or send the kids out to walk the dog - the poor thing is going nuts with all the cooking smells anyway. Or grandpa and grandma show up an hour before dinnertime, have them take the kids to the playground.

People with kids need to have a little imagination.
Hey Dan, the link to the swag isn't working. Just getting a big empty white page.
Like going on amusement park rides, fucking on an empty stomach should be a given, unless you want instant barf-o-rama in either case.
I pity anyone getting horny after eating a full Thanksgiving meal. That's a holiday recipe for disaster.
Dan, Please fix link, I need to buy this for my FWB.