WA State Representative Who Made Islamophobic Comments Laughs at Democratic Spokesperson's Lebanese Surname


what's funny? raad as in "radical, dude"?

dumb people and their opinions. it's like they can't tell Sylvester from Pepe LePeu.

A skunk by any other name would smell so sweet...
The fact that some politicians are incapable of acting like grown-ups is hardly surprising.

I used to live in Rodne's district. Irritated the crap out of me that he kept getting elected. I sure wasn't voting for him.

Nothing? Not even nutjob Clinton obsessions?
Hmmm... A conservative politician is demonstrating why he is incapable of understanding complex issues. What a surprise!

I wonder if there's a conservative out there who can demonstrate that they aren't just a reactionary bunch of no-nothings, that actually have something substantive to offer besides name-calling, blaming-the-other, or even something that is on topic. Yes? @5? You'd like to contribute?
Nothing will ever blow my mind more than the left's hyper-ironic, instant rush to defend the most oppressive, anti-democratic bullshit mainstream religion on the planet.

Shit, one way we know Islam is incompatible with democracy is the fact that the American Left is in love with it.

*sigh* Par for the course.
Islam = good?
Just wait until he hears that "Jamal" is an Arabic word too! (It means "beauty". Meanwhile, "Raad" appears to come from a word for "thunder".)

Heck, anyone can have an Arabic name; just translate and use the patronymic or matronymic form. For instance, in Arabic I'd be Jibril bin Talut. But I more commonly style myself Gavriel ben Sha'ul, to use a language I'm more familiar with. (Of course, I don't go by either of those in most circumstances.)
This is false So far, every attacker and accomplice has been identified as a European citizen.
Sorry. This is bullshit. It is true that every attacker who has been positively identified so far was an EU citizen, but not every attacker has been positively identified. In particular, two stadium bombers entered Greece in a group of Syrian refugees (as established by fingerprint, documentary and photographic evidence). What is UNKNOWN is whether the identities they presented were genuine ...as anyone might learn by following the link embedded in the blockquote above.

It's plausible they were Syrians ... it's plausible they were not Syrians ... but it's beyond question that refugee programs provide one means of entry for hostile actors into target nations.

My personal view is that we should accept more refugees, and with less stringent screening -- in spite of this very evident risk. It's also my personal view that we should face facts, and that honesty is the best policy in matters of public controversy.
p.s. -- As regards "accomplices", the prosecutor in charge reports 124 individuals indicted in connection with the investigation so far. This does not make them "accomplices", or even necessarily "alleged accomplices". Extensivesearches under emergency powers would likely expose a number of unrelated weapons violations, counterfeit identification issues, and immigration violations ... but by the same token it'd be premature to declare that all "accomplices" held EU citizenship.
Poor Sausage. He thinks he knows the two suicide bombers who are known to have entered Europe in the guise of Syrian refugees were Belgians. Maybe he has occult knowledge on that account, because we don't know that. Nobody knows that, not yet anyway.

If they were Belgians, that doesn't change the fact that they gained EU entry very recently in the guise of Syrians refugees.

Sausage thinks I proposed banning refugees ... when I wrote just the opposite. And he/she thinks I blamed Syrian refugees (for something). And I did not do that.

Afterthought: Rodne sounds like a real dick. I wonder how well he got along with Cyrus Habib, who served concurrent with him in the State House before moving on to the State Senate?
@13: Apart from the stolen Syrian passport, there's evidence related to their visas that suggests they deliberately laid a false trail to make the authorities think they were Syrian refugees after the attack.
I've never heard the Left so vigilantly defend any religion before. Especially, a religion of which 75% of its global practitioners believe the following statement:

"Muslims overwhelmingly say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong, including three-quarters or more in 33 of the 36 countries where the question was asked"

@16: i think Islam is a crap religion and needs to haul itself out of the dark ages post haste. but it's not going to.

unfortunately, muslims get to believe what they want. so do Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, and Lubavitchers. and Americans have to TOLERATE all of it.

THAT is what Liberals defend.
Hmmmm. American bigots think extrajudicial killing by LEO is also justified. American bigots think it is OK to kill Muslims because there is a chance of danger. Maybe it is just bigots who like to kill the "other"?

So far as I'm concerned EVERY organized religion is incompatible with Western liberal civilization. So, let's just ban ALL monotheists from entering this country - we have more than enough native-born religious crazies here already.
@21 but polytheists are okay? (Maybe not those asshole white supremacists who claim to be following Norse mythology, though, huh?)
@21: You think polytheists are any better than monotheists? Remember what happened to that Muslim family in India when they had goat for dinner?