The Morning News: Local Leaders Headed to Paris Climate Talks and New Details About Boeing's Tax Breaks


"President Obama Says the Paris Summit is an 'Act of Defiance.'"

This means the Paris climate talks will serve as a lovely symbolic gesture against terrorism in addition to serving as a lovely symbolic gesture against climate change.

And am I the only one who, upon reading that Larry Phillips is headed to the Paris Summit, immediately thought of the carbon footprint of his round-trip flight to Paris? (Transcontinental flights are one of the few activities where it's kinda hard to imagine how we could avoid having much of a fossil-fuel footprint.)
@3, you should learn to pace yourself, or you're gonna flame out pretty quickly. What a shame that would be.
@3: edify yourself:…

virtually no "working class right wingers" get attacked in "the wrong neighborhoods", and there really is no "gubmint money for nothing". SNAP benefits are so you can eat, and TANF checks are so kids get a place to sleep.

you racist fuck.
I love how both sides favorite rhetorical weapon is "Oh yeah, well your side doesn't work and just gets welfare and encourages violence!"

It really proves that if you go to far to one side, you just come out on the other.
@8 I am sorry you lead such a frightened existence.
Haven't been on slog in quite some time. The comment quality has really gone to shit, hasn't it?
300,000 tons of carbon emissions to be produced by carbon emission conference.…
More bitching, more race card playing, more "what the terrorism du jour is", more "whose cause is more important", more selfishness, less humanity. Nothing new on Slog comments today. Sure, I'm a part of it too. We're all going to die.
@13, There has been a huge uptick in belligerent white guys who are terrified of black people. I'm guessing someone posted an article from The Stranger on Info Wars or something.
@13, the last 6 months in particular it seems like its been o. A very steep slide. Lots of people who seem to have only signed up to troll.
@10: who on the left is accusing conservatives of not working? do you mean saying they're retired? not quite the equivalence you're looking for.

"both sides are responsible" is quite the RW talking point today.
@14: It's ok, carbon emissions put out by liberals are fine, it is only when people of a different ideology do it that it causes global warming. Duh.
@19: Well, #4 a few comments up there did exactly that, which is why I made the comment, since both sides were using the exact same insult. I just thought it was funny. I have no idea the huge leap you made to RW talking points. That is just bizarre.
We shouldn't be too hard on @14. After all, it's not easy to post comments while powering ones house and carbon-free computer by pedaling a bicycle generator made from local-sourced, organic, free-range hemp.