Forty-Seven Community Leaders Urge the Feds to Allow Seattle to Enact Long-Delayed Police Accountability Reforms


The Police Union is the major problem. There are some decent cops but the union and system control the process and don't expose their own problems. Bust 'em up.
Get fucked, #2. Shame on your ugly soul that you feel the need to throw John T. Williams into your nonsense diatribe. A man who was straight-up murdered by police for walking across the street with a pocket knife. And you drag him into your fantasy-based screed.

We can agree and disagree on what will keep folks safe and police accountable. But drag John T. Williams into it, and all I can say is: get fucked.
Does this group have any Legal Standing? No Subpoena Power, nothing. The Federal Judge and the City both won't let them be "A Part of the Process". Seems like they don't. But they talk like they do. No one does what they say/want. Seems to me that they're "Advisory Only". And trying to tell a Federal Monitor what to do. Good luck with that. The Monitor answers to the Judge, and no one else. And they threaten to quit. They ain't gonna do that. That's what the Police Guild wants.

Don't forget, If the Guild doesn't like it, they can strike. Imagine the Blue Flu in High Crime neighborhoods.

They think they're something. But they're just Being Played. Or Placated .if you will.
@4) No, Police cannot strike. Civics 101, there, duder.
@5, Only if their CBA has a No Strike Clause. The NLRB says that Unions that have a CBA can Stike, unless there's a clause. Like I said, Blue-Flu. Just call in sick.