Sorry, Fox News, Pretty Sure Domestic Terrorism Was Already Political



note that yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, and presidential candidate, was asked about the rhetoric, and he said the extreme rhetoric was coming from the left.

so, basically, they DGAF what any Liberal has to say on this topic. they're busy deflecting blame and will do so until their viewers are assured it's not their fault.
Of course it's terrorism, by definition: "the use of violence or intimidation to achieve a political aim". The shooter declared his motives quite unambiguously when questioned by police: he wants to stop the practice of legal abortion, and in his twisted mind the best way of achieving that very political goal was to kill as many people as he could. If that doesn't fit the definition, then quite literally nothing does.
I'm sure Fox News also condemned all the people politicizing this from the right and calling Dean a hero, right?
And of course these are the same people who rushed to politicize the Paris shootings.
If I may paraphrase Hot Fuzz, "Because tragedy implies no one was at fault."
We Blow Dry, You Decide
I'm surprised that there's no mention of Mike Huckabee repeatedly stating that this was domestic terrorism. Everything else he says may be idiocy, but he's the only one calling a spade a spade on this tragedy. Your choice to not mention this gives your post an unnecessary bias, Megan.

People stopped paying attention to anything Huckabee says at least a couple of months ago.
@7: Hucka-who?
@7: I concur. In the interest of intellectual honesty, Mr. Huckabee should be commended for his firm stand against the tactics of violence taken by those on the fringe of his movement. Especially given that the rest of the movement seems to be happy to let the fringe run the show.
...And it didn't take long for some asshole Republican to blame the victim:…

I don't give a damn what Huckabee says. That changes nothing. The modern Republicans are despicable, with no moral compass. It's like they're terrified, absolutely terrified of other humans who aren't exactly like them.